The following new things happened to me in 2007:

  • waking up next to my boyfriend on my birthday :D
  • my first Valentine’s Day when I actually had a valentine :D Although on the night itself I did actually go and see a play with somebody different…
  • thoroughly enjoying a musical more than I ever thought possible :D
  • flying abroad on my own :)
  • being told that my life as I knew it was over :'(
  • being so overwhelmed by the selflessness and the kindness of someone to me, when at the time I barely knew them :D
  • being interviewed for a PhD
  • being a helper at Brownie’s :D
  • submitting my dissertation!!!
  • realising just how fucked up a friend was
  • going into an exam having not slept the night before :/
  • taking my final exams ever!!!
  • a friend having an allergic reaction in front of me
  • meeting Tim’s parents
  • going to a May Ball solely with my boyfriend :D
  • playing with a Wii :)
  • going on holiday with my boyfriend :D
  • graduating!!!
  • being disappointed at a Harry Potter film
  • queueing up to buy a Harry Potter book on the night it’s released
  • my boyfriend coming on holiday with me and my family :D
  • talking with one of my brother’s friends about a drunken party they were both gonna go to
  • renting a house
  • being my boyfriend’s +1 at a wedding :D
  • saying goodbye to my boyfriend before he flies off to another continent
  • a different friend having an allergic reaction in front of me
  • starting a PhD!!! :D
  • supervising!!!
  • breaking up and then getting back together with my boyfriend
  • seeing addiction first-hand :/
  • my research group’s Christmas Lunch
  • throughout the year, my friends all getting jobs

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