The following new things happened to me in 2008. I…

  • turned down the option of going to the Commemoration of Benefactors and Admission of Scholars and Exhibitioners Dinner at Jesus
  • became the SRCF chair
  • visited Melbourne
  • woke up next to my boyfriend on his birthday
  • had a patch accepted into the Linux kernel
  • opened a new bank account in order to avoid Verified by Visa
  • ate at High Table
  • entered a competition to win a top of the range iPod and won
  • went punting overnight
  • handed in my First-year Report and Thesis Proposal
  • bought myself a laptop
  • realised just how far behind I was on my PhD when my officemate who started at the same time as me had his 3rd paper accepted
  • came out to my grandparents
  • took my boyfriend to my brother’s birthday party
  • had a footplate ride on a moving steam train
  • filed an R40 tax form
  • bought myself an iPhone 3G
  • moved my ISA out of Bradford & Bingley just 12 days before they were part-nationalised
  • organised society stash
  • had an ISA with a bank that went bankrupt
  • visited New York
  • stayed up to watch the US election
  • renewed a domain
  • arrived in Cambridge after a weekend at home, to find that my flat had turned into the set of a soap opera
  • took a train journey that lasted over 12 hours
  • visited Sydney
  • took a domestic flight
  • visited Canberra
  • saw a kangaroo in the wild
  • woke up next to my boyfriend on Christmas Day
  • opened my Christmas presents before it was Christmas Day in the UK
  • ate Christmas Dinner on a beach

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