The following new things happened to me in 2010. I…

  • got my first pay rise
  • bought my last 16-25 Railcard
  • celebrated the first Early Access Release of the piece of software that I work on
  • cleared all my crap out of the college trunk room
  • joined the Computer Lab Ring
  • celebrated Red Gate coming 14th in the Sunday Times “100 Best Companies to Work For”
  • went to the Computer Lab Ring Annual Dinner
  • took part in the first Down Tools Week
  • got a bonus when we hit the company sales target
  • met someone who was born on the Unix epoch (1 January 1970)
  • finally interviewed someone who was awesome enough to be offered a job (he accepted too!)
  • went to my first tradeshow in the UK
  • gave a talk at a tradeshow
  • closed a current account
  • discovered that a user had noticed the easter egg in the piece of software that I work on when he blogged about it
  • rented the same place for another year
  • was interviewed for Simple-Talk
  • celebrated version 1 of the piece of software that I work on going on sale
  • became a Build Representative at work
  • became a JIRA Admin at work
  • filed a “security bug” with Google (it’s still not fixed)
  • got in touch with HMRC to tell them that I owed them money
  • applied for an ESTA
  • analyzed a crack for the licensing of 22 of our products
  • signed an SRCF EGM notice
  • got my first credit card
  • got my first day off in lieu after working on a Saturday
  • booked a hotel for the first time
  • joined the book club at work
  • downloaded all my data from Facebook
  • visited Seattle
  • experienced the clocks going back twice in the same year
  • went to my first tradeshow abroad
  • visited Vancouver
  • visited Reykjavík
  • was a guest at a wedding in the snow
  • watched as the developers in my division at work completely changed. When I joined (in July 2009) there were 6 other developers in my division: all 6 have now either left the company, moved internally to a different division, or work for us from abroad. At the end of 2010 there are now 7 other developers in my division, all of whom have been at the company for less time than me. In addition to the 13 people above, during the course of 2010, there were also 4 other developers who worked in my division at some point during the year.

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