The following new things happened to me in 2011:

  • The first one of my grandparents died :(
  • Work surprised us all with an unexpected visit to John Lewis complete with champagne and gift vouchers
  • My project manager changed at work
  • I went on holiday with Ross’ parents
  • I got my MA
  • I bought a Windows Mobile phone
  • I sold my old phone
  • I became a Build Master at work
  • I played poker with work colleagues
  • My project manager left the company
  • I travelled to a different country for a friend’s birthday party
  • I went to Grad Hall at Trinity Hall
  • I visited Atlanta, Georgia
  • I went to TechEd North America
  • I went to Ross’ dad’s birthday party
  • I joined Google Plus
  • I took Ross with me to Grandma’s birthday party
  • I introduced Ross to work colleagues at the Summer Party
  • I visited a distillery
  • I visited the Isle of Skye
  • I started using Goodreads
  • I went on an eLearning course at work
  • I visited a fellow at Oxford University
  • I visited Los Angeles, California
  • I went to SQL in the City
  • I was driven across a state border in America
  • I visited Las Vegas, Nevada
  • I visited a casino
  • I went to the Hoover Dam
  • I visited Arizona
  • I walked across a state border in America
  • I swam in Lake Mead
  • I went to Dev Connections
  • I rode in a limo
  • I didn’t experience the clocks going backwards
  • I joined a new team at work
  • I started using Yammer
  • I became a New Starter Buddy at work
  • I had purchased 87.5% of my Christmas presents before December even started
  • I got access to the corporate Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts
  • I stayed the night at a place my brother was renting
  • I went to the Yorkshire Theatre (in the old Eurostar terminal)

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