Disaster-Free Deployment: Automate All The Things

I gave a talk at Southern Fried Agile!

A manual deployment process is a recipe for disaster — time-consuming, error-prone, and reliant on the right person being available at the right time. Worse, the built-in Visual Studio and Azure tools don’t fully support safe release processes with customer approval, change tracking, and testing + staging environments.

On the other hand, Deployment Manager is a free tool (based on the NuGet standard) designed to help you easily deploy all the components of your application to multiple environments, minus the risks.

This session will cover how to use it to automate the deployment of an entire ASP.NET web application to an on-premise server as well as to Azure. We’ll cover a quick way to get started, plugging into your Continuous Integration server, and how to achieve (mostly) disaster-free Continuous Deployment.

Download Disaster-Free Deployment: Automate All The Things slides View Disaster-Free Deployment: Automate All The Things slides.

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