The following new things happened to me in 2013. I…

  • went to a training course in London
  • had my last 16-25 Railcard expire
  • started cycling again (after 4 years)
  • had my last cheque guarantee card expire
  • watched as our CEO (Neil) quit Red Gate
  • saw Ross on Valentine’s Day (nearly)
  • bought a Network Railcard
  • started drinking beer
  • celebrated Red Gate coming 17th in the mid size companies list
  • became an owner of the Red Gate organization on GitHub
  • visited Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  • visited Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  • visited Cambridge, Massachusetts (MA)
  • took an Amtrak train in America
  • visited Rhode Island (RI)
  • visited Connecticut (CT)
  • went to a Eurovision party
  • started blogging at www.davidsimner.me.uk
  • edited Google Maps with Google Map Maker
  • discovered an awesome new restaurant by seeing the Google Maps edit for it
  • drank a beer purchased with BitCoin (BTC)
  • went running with a colleague
  • had a day of seeing fish and then eating fish in London
  • spoke at a conference (DDD East Anglia)
  • had a patch accepted into NuGet
  • had a massage
  • went to my brother’s University graduation
  • finished paying off my student loan
  • started managing 2 people at once
  • helped a friend plumb in a dishwasher without flooding their kitchen
  • went clubbing
  • gave a talk at Code Camp NYC
  • ran in Chariots of Fire 2013
  • signed up for Twitter
  • registered for a half marathon
  • visited Pasadena, California (CA)
  • became the intern program manager
  • visited Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  • gave a talk at Southern Fried Agile
  • joined a gym
  • viewed a house that was for sale
  • helped deep fry something
  • visited Oslo, Norway

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