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My 2014 in numbers:

  1. days on sabbatical
  2. nights in my favourite pub, plus
  3. other Cambridge pubs too
  4. kg of mass lost
  5. airports visited
  6. flat viewings
  7. interns we set out to hire
  8. countries visited
  9. talks given
  10. films seen at a cinema
  11. Eurostar trains
  12. flats I made an offer on
  13. running competitions
  14. flat purchase


The following new things happened to me in 2013. I…

  • went to a training course in London
  • had my last 16-25 Railcard expire
  • started cycling again (after 4 years)
  • had my last cheque guarantee card expire
  • watched as our CEO (Neil) quit Red Gate
  • saw Ross on Valentine’s Day (nearly)
  • bought a Network Railcard
  • started drinking beer
  • celebrated Red Gate coming 17th in the mid size companies list
  • became an owner of the Red Gate organization on GitHub
  • visited Detroit, Michigan (MI)
  • visited Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)
  • visited Cambridge, Massachusetts (MA)
  • took an Amtrak train in America
  • visited Rhode Island (RI)
  • visited Connecticut (CT)
  • went to a Eurovision party
  • started blogging at
  • edited Google Maps with Google Map Maker
  • discovered an awesome new restaurant by seeing the Google Maps edit for it
  • drank a beer purchased with BitCoin (BTC)
  • went running with a colleague
  • had a day of seeing fish and then eating fish in London
  • spoke at a conference (DDD East Anglia)
  • had a patch accepted into NuGet
  • had a massage
  • went to my brother’s University graduation
  • finished paying off my student loan
  • started managing 2 people at once
  • helped a friend plumb in a dishwasher without flooding their kitchen
  • went clubbing
  • gave a talk at Code Camp NYC
  • ran in Chariots of Fire 2013
  • signed up for Twitter
  • registered for a half marathon
  • visited Pasadena, California (CA)
  • became the intern program manager
  • visited Charlotte, North Carolina (NC)
  • gave a talk at Southern Fried Agile
  • joined a gym
  • viewed a house that was for sale
  • helped deep fry something
  • visited Oslo, Norway


The following new things happened to me in 2012. I…

  • visited a friend in hospital
  • fixed a link on the work homepage that 404d
  • got admin access to the sales intranet at work
  • my line manager changed
  • got FTP access to the live copy of the work website
  • went to formal at Fitzwilliam
  • tried, and failed, to automate CV sifting using Bayesian analysis
  • joined Trello
  • became an admin of the work organization on Trello
  • applied for the Head of Software Engineering job at work, which I didn’t get
  • deployed a change to the work CRM that I’d written
  • won a bottle of wine for memorising our strategy at work
  • went to Thorpe Park
  • wrote Java professionally
  • claimed on expenses
  • visited Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • went to TechEd Europe
  • started line managing somebody
  • travelled on a steam train on the National Rail Network
  • walked along a road that had fallen into the sea
  • used Mercurial professionally
  • met Ross’ school friends
  • went to a gay pub
  • got a MasterCard
  • joined LinkedIn
  • made somebody a job offer
  • went on holiday with people from work
  • shared a hotel room with somebody from work
  • went on an aircraft carrier
  • saw Marine One
  • visited Austin, Texas
  • visited San Francisco, California
  • visited Chicago, Illinois
  • had Chicago-style pizza in Chicago
  • visited Boston, Massachusetts
  • started liking sushi
  • required my line manager’s signature to claim on expenses
  • started paying off my student loan via direct debit lest I over pay it off
  • grew chillis
  • went to a murder mystery dinner
  • started using Windows 8
  • my line manager changed again
  • wrote code in F#
  • paid for something using Visa payWave
  • deployed a code change to a production web server at work
  • contributed to an open-source project on CodePlex
  • took Ross to the work christmas party
  • took Ross to visit my grandparents in Warrington


The following new things happened to me in 2011:

  • The first one of my grandparents died :(
  • Work surprised us all with an unexpected visit to John Lewis complete with champagne and gift vouchers
  • My project manager changed at work
  • I went on holiday with Ross’ parents
  • I got my MA
  • I bought a Windows Mobile phone
  • I sold my old phone
  • I became a Build Master at work
  • I played poker with work colleagues
  • My project manager left the company
  • I travelled to a different country for a friend’s birthday party
  • I went to Grad Hall at Trinity Hall
  • I visited Atlanta, Georgia
  • I went to TechEd North America
  • I went to Ross’ dad’s birthday party
  • I joined Google Plus
  • I took Ross with me to Grandma’s birthday party
  • I introduced Ross to work colleagues at the Summer Party
  • I visited a distillery
  • I visited the Isle of Skye
  • I started using Goodreads
  • I went on an eLearning course at work
  • I visited a fellow at Oxford University
  • I visited Los Angeles, California
  • I went to SQL in the City
  • I was driven across a state border in America
  • I visited Las Vegas, Nevada
  • I visited a casino
  • I went to the Hoover Dam
  • I visited Arizona
  • I walked across a state border in America
  • I swam in Lake Mead
  • I went to Dev Connections
  • I rode in a limo
  • I didn’t experience the clocks going backwards
  • I joined a new team at work
  • I started using Yammer
  • I became a New Starter Buddy at work
  • I had purchased 87.5% of my Christmas presents before December even started
  • I got access to the corporate Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts
  • I stayed the night at a place my brother was renting
  • I went to the Yorkshire Theatre (in the old Eurostar terminal)